Japanese style hair removal salon



“JAPAN BEAUTY” is the beauty salon from japan, for women who want to be
more beautiful, and for men who want to be more handsome.
Under the supervision of the salons expanding nationwide in japan, we
thoroughly improve our techniques and create the comfortable esthetic
We promise you with polite and respectful service by japanese quality, and
to be a reliable salon.

WhyJAPAN BEAUTY is recommended

Japanese and English OkaySupervised by the Japanese salonReservations by Facebook available By appointment only


Pay each time

The payment method is paying each time. There is no expensive contract for long term.

Welcome men customers

We welcome men customer, who warry about unwanted hair, even if it is thick hair.

Japanese Okay

We support you by all Japanese, from contact to treatment.

24hours reservation is available

You can reserve by Facebook 24hours.

Supervised by the Japanese salon

Japan Beauty is supervised and supported by the Japanese salon.

By appointment only

Using theMade in Japan

Reliable machine made in Japan
The japanese manufacture provides the stable effect of hair removal, plus beautiful skin effect !!
IPL is the best way for hair removal
“Intense Pulsed Light” is committed to solve your worry about unwanted hair, even if it is thick hair like a beard and VIO-line.
Reducing the risks of skin troubles
The latest cooling function of acquiring the patent reduces skin troubles and pains.

Hair removal menuS-parts…400PUpper lipLower lipJawUnder jawCheekSideburnsForeheadBack of handFingerInstepToe Around navelAround areola Neck(Upper) Neck(Lower)M-parts…800PArmpitNapeShoulderCollarboneML-parts…1200PBack(Upper)Back(Lower)WaistButtocksBustAbdomen(Upper)Abdomen(Lower)V-lineI-lineO-lineL-parts…1600PUpper armLower arm(Plus Elbow)LL-parts…2000PThighLower knee(Plus Knee)Whole body hair removalWithout face and VIO…10000PWith face and VIO…12000P

Hair removal menuS-parts…500PUpper lipLower lipJawUnder jawCheekSideburnsForeheadBack of handFingerInstepToe Around navelAround areola Neck(Upper) Neck(Lower)M-parts…1000PArmpitNapeShoulderCollarbone Lower navelAbove V-lineML-parts…1500PBack(Upper)Back(Lower)ButtocksChestAbdomenV-lineI-lineO-lineL-parts…2000P Upper armLower arm(Plus Elbow)LL-parts…3000PThighLower knee(Plus Knee)Set MenuWhole Face(6-parts)…2500PVIO-set…4000PWhole body hair removalWithout face and VIO…12000PWith face and VIO…15000P
If you wish to get the treatment, shave the hair a day before or two days if body.
※There will be an additional charge of PHP500.00 per part for the shaving service.

What is Photo Facial ?It is latest cosmetic technique that is effective for
lift-up and whitening by shinning the special light.
We recommend not only for women,
but also for men, for anti-aging and skin care.
Anti-agingLiftupWrinklesstainPhoto Facial2000P

Salon Information

SalonJapan Beauty-MakatiBusiness hours11:00-20:00Regular holidayTuesdayCreekside Bldg. Amorsolo st., Cor Rufino St, Makati